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Tailor-made services to suit you

We know that everyone is different and we understand your individual requirements.
We have had over nine years of hands-on experience in helping, sorting and reassuring our clients.

Finding a home

It will be one of your primary concerns and something we can get sorted well ahead of your move.  Whether you are renting or buying a home, we listen carefully to your needs and demystify the local market and Jersey’s unique housing regulations.

We work with all Jersey real estate agents and with some local property owners.   We search and select suitable properties, based on your needs, and send you details and our objective appraisals.  We can then pre-view properties and take photos and video on your behalf, so you can get a real sense of the property without being in Jersey.

Once we have discussed the options and your preferences, we can then agree a relevant shortlist of properties to view when you come to Jersey. This means that you aren’t wasting your time viewing inappropriate properties and getting lost down country lanes. We can maximise you time by picking you up from the airport, or your hotel, and viewing your shortlisted properties. We organise everything. Once you have found a property, we liaise and negotiate on your behalf and then make all the necessary arrangements for you to move in when you take up residency.

We pride ourselves on being completely impartial. We aren’t trying to rent or sell you a house, our job is to find the right home for you. We also help our clients with finding temporary accommodation which is sometimes if needed.

Finding your way around

We will help by showing you the Island and giving you valuable insight into living here.  Whether you are scoping out Jersey as a potential jurisdiction, coming to the island for an interview or are already planning your move, we will show you the around the Island in comfort. We can pick you up from the airport, your hotel or office and we will fit around your schedule.

While you are looking around, we can chat through all the questions and concerns you have: from the different areas to live, to healthcare and the cost of living; from schooling to shopping and leisure activities. We can combine the tour with looking at properties or schools if that suits you.

At the end of our time together you will have an overview of Jersey and a reliable idea of what your new life will be like in Jersey.

Caring for your children

We understand how important the move is on your children. Finding a new school or nursery will be among your priorities and we aim to sort out as much as possible ahead of your move, so you can relax, knowing that vital box is ticked.

It’s essential to get the right school or nursery that fits your child. We will fill you in on the education system in Jersey, as it rather unusual and will be different from what you may be used to. We will chat through the different schools or nurseries: what they have to offer your child; how they compare and differ and where they are located on the island in relation to work and potential properties. We will check availability, take you to meet the heads and have a look around, so you can make the best decision for your family. Once places have been secured, we can help get your kids kitted out with uniform and everything they need to feel confident on their important first day.

Getting started in Jersey

We are here to help with the admin! We know that a move can mean lots of it, so we can help with all those practicalities before, during and after you move to Jersey. Our local knowledge and years of experience mean that we can help you get this organised efficiently so you don’t have the headache.

We’ll help you complete all the necessary paperwork to import your car, get your Jersey driving licence and make sure you have insurance cover for you home and vehicles. We know pilots who can fly your beloved dog or cat over, if you don’t want to take the ferry. We will explain how the healthcare system works in Jersey and recommend doctors and dentists, near your new home, so you can choose one that is right for you. Our aim is to help you get all of this wrapped up so you can start enjoying your new life in Jersey.

Settling in

We know that you really start enjoying your new life in Jersey when you have found a home, moved in, sorted your kids and got the practicalities out of the way. Some of our clients love walking, some are avid cyclists, others need a yoga or ballet class, or play rugby or football. Everyone is different. Whatever’s your thing, we’ll recommend sports, clubs and activities to suit you. Jersey beaches are gorgeous and we’ll show the best ones for BBQs or those tucked away that only the locals know.

We understand that your needs change as you move here and get to know Jersey better, so we can look after you during the crucial first months after your move to make sure you have what you need.

Being the spouse of someone who has moved to Jersey for work can be daunting and potentially isolating. While your partner is in the office, you have to forge your own life. We support spouses to establish their own network and settle in to Island life. We can help with finding a cleaner, housekeeper, gardener or nanny so you can re-establish your support systems.

Understanding cultural differences

If you aren’t at home with the culture and customs of the British and feel that moving to a small Crown Dependency may add another level of unfamiliarity, we can help. We can bring you closer to the British and local culture and prepare you and your family for living in Jersey.

What Our Clients Say

"Vicky has made the settling in process so much easier by anticipating our needs but also being responsive to our own more particular individual needs. She has a great network which enables her to meet most of your anticipated needs but she also takes on new challenges and there is no debate about what is in or out of scope - she just helps. Having experienced her support ourselves we have had no hesitation in recommending new clients to her."

Richard & Lidia Gaskin

“Ashore Relocation have provided me and my family with outstanding service over 18 months.  Initially they identified rental accommodation for our relocation from South Africa to Jersey. Subsequently they provided invaluable assistance and advice on identifying a property to purchase.  Their assistance included everything: identifying a range of suitable houses; organizing viewings across a concentrated couple of days; assisting in negotiations and the purchase process and finally organizing and implementing the removal process.  The whole purchase our new home took less than 3 months from initial viewings to moving in.  Vicky made the whole buying and moving process absolutely painless. And if there’s anything you want to know about living on Jersey, Vicky is certain to know the answer.”

Mark Learmonth

"We have overall been really impressed with the service that we received from Vicky.  She helped us to find a home, not only finding the right place for us but then also acting as the agent between us and the landlord. She showed us a number of places that all had something great to offer and really fit with our brief. The place we are now living in was not yet on the market and Vicky was able to show it to us and start the process before any agents were needed. She clearly listened to our brief and didn't waste our time by showing us places that were not in keeping with what we were looking for. Her support did not stop there as she helped us to settle in with advice on how to register in Jersey for tax, social security, doctors, dentists, car registration, dog registration, vets and tips on places to shop, eat and recycle. It is a really thorough service that we have relied upon and I often look back at her emails to find out things I need to know."

Jo & Kevin Posen

"Vicky provided an exceptional level of help on finding, locating, showing us the house and then sorting out all the paperwork and dealing with the agents. She was extremely helpful with furnishing and arranging for deliveries and sorting out all the minor things that are impossible to deal with long-distance and are quite time consuming. She was available at all times and made settling in for the family (especially for spouse) very smooth and easy."

Anoush & Nick

"I don’t think I would have believed what I needed to relocate to Jersey.  Ashore helped us define what we would need and then settled us into life in Jersey more quickly and smoothly than we would have done on our own. Not only did they find us a great home, they helped find horse riding for my daughter and told us where to buy the best bed linen. I absolutely recommend their personalised service."

HR Manager
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What Our Clients Say?

Vicky provided an exceptional level of help on finding, locating, showing us the house and then sorting out all the paperwork and dealing with the agents. She was extremely helpful with furnishing and arranging for deliveries and sorting out all the minor things that are impossible to deal with long-distance and are quite time consuming. She was available at all times and made settling in for the family (especially for spouse) very smooth and easy.

Anoush & Nick

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